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Mango Mantra

Mango mantra is a pioneer in carbide free Alphonso mangoes and its variants. Established in the year 1966 under the name of “Matunga Mango House”, is now a part of the legacy that stands at the pinnacle of providing handpicked, rich and trust worthy quality of mangoes to its connoisseurs.
Mango mantra is primarily involved in corporate gifting, wholesale acquisition and a franchisor. Mantra caters to over 37 countries in the world and we have been thriving only on our integrity and professional ethics. The diligent efforts of (Mr. Hitesh Dedhia & Team) have kept them on the top and also acquired the alliances with leading logistics companies like DHL, Blue dart making it as fastest as the market has to provide. Knowingly, www.mangomantra.in never take a chance.


Onestop Retail Private Limited is a modern retail organization of India operating under the brand name of Onestop-Your Home Store and gratifies the Indian consumer’s needs towards their home and kitchen requirements. Onestop Retail forms a part of the mother organization known as the SOHAM ENTERPRISE which came into existence in 1932. With a legacy & experience of more than 8 decades, the third generation entrepreneurs (Mr. Jayesh Dedhia & Mr. Paresh Dedhia) of the SOHAM ENTERPRISE are leaving no stone unturned to take Onestop Retail to great heights.
The major product categories available at the Onestop Stores are Electrical Appliances; Kitchen accessories; Daily necessities; Home Cleaning; Fragrances; religion & worship etc, which the customer can choose from major brands like LOCK & LOCK , CORNING, NORITAK BRAUN, TIGER, & many more.


At the O’leaf store, you are ensured an international shopping experience alongside our luscious range of exquisite and exotic natural produce all year round. As with the change of seasons, you will always come across something new at our store to tickle your taste buds.
The company specializes in delivering healthy & organic food intake in this “Artificial world”. We provide complete attention to its organic growing conditions, taking optimal protection in transport and storage. Also with utmost care while preserving nutrition value that gives assurance of maintaining the freshness & quality of all food products.
Tangy grapefruits, succulent water apples, juicy physalis and even the legendary miracle berry, all have been carefully ushered from the most fertile soils and barns from around the globe
Enjoy these delicacies in their raw form or use them to make delectable pickles, jams and juices. If you wish, you can even transform them into intensely flavorful dressings to make eating salads an enjoyable experience.
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Enjoy some of therarest & freshest farm produce from therichest soils across the continents.